A Fresh Start

The Covid-19 situation has changed a lot in a relatively short timespan. On a tiny micro-level it has also changed my daily chess routines. I have less time right now for my many chess-related projects (YouTube, Twitch, #TwitterChessTournament, Patreon, thebestchessbooks.com).

I maybe got caught up in pursuit of gaining an audience on the many platforms instead of focusing on my real goal, chess improvement. Therefore, I have decided to cut all the unessential to focus on what matters to most to me.

The projects I have decided to cut is Patreon (thanks to those of you who have supported me!), thebestchessbooks.com, Twitch, and YouTube (on pause). Instead I will focus on this simple blog.

The blog’s main function will be as a space where I can post my games with analysis and thoughts about chess improvement. A source of inspiration to make these changes was the below video by Jesse Kraai.

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I hope that fewer projects/platforms will help me regain focus on my goal, and enable me to do some deep thinking. In the end this hopefully will result in the continuing climb of the chess ladder when we all can play OTB again.

My FIDE rating graph the last two years

I plan to play mainly longer games on Lichess and post my analysis here afterward. Let me know what you think?


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Doug Batchelder
Doug Batchelder
1 year ago

Sounds smart! I look forward to reading your game analysis!

Mr Carlton Bradbury
Mr Carlton Bradbury
1 year ago

At age 60 I feel I am a decliner rather than an improver! I play far too much Rapid 5/3 online. I think I will copy you and play longer games. See you in Round 5 of TCT! All the best with the blog.