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The situation in Denmark has, for now, allowed chess to be played under very normal conditions. There is a maximum of 50 players in the playing hall, and there are hand sanitizers placed strategically. A pair of players decided to play with two tables between them and one player played with a mask on. Other than that some of the veterans of my club decided to sit out. But when you can go to a pub or go to play contact sports in Denmark, then I don’t see a reason why Chess should be played in a vacuum.

Not sure if I’m taking a nap or just in very deep focus

After the game, I asked Twitter if I made a wrong judgment out of the opening in the depicted position

From the comments, it’s clear that I should have taken towards the center with bxc6. Here follows the game with my annotations:

A pretty good start to the season to get a draw against a 1990 with black. My opponent also played the game with a 98.5 accuracy, which often results in a loss. did’t notice any inaccuracies in my play even though there was moves that could have been better.

In the next round, tomorrow, I have White against a 1930 rated player.

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1 year ago

yikes, I wish I got a chance to ask you on twitter but now that I’m seeing it here, I don’t understand thinking for 10-15 mins on a theoretical opening position where you’re just recapturing a piece, you only have two feasible options, and at our level, it’s more or less just a matter of personal taste either way (I get a feeling that whether one is theoretically better than another doesn’t matter all that much until IM/GM level probably.) An argument can also be made that since it’s only move 5, you should already have your lines memorized, but I’m probably not one to talk because I don’t think I’d know my theory by heart either 🙂 Either way, I guess I’m just trying to understand where you’re coming from here; because as a long thinker myself there are many positions I’d gladly spend much longer than 10-15 minutes thinking about, but this isn’t one of them since there are so few options and it’s so early in the game too. Not trying to criticize too harshly, once again just trying to understand 🙂

1 year ago

I guess a good place to start is probably to save your long thinks for more complex positions in which you have many options (which probably means playing quicker in both the opening in general and any positions where you only have one or two reasonable options, such as recaptures and responses to checks for instance.)