Oops!…I Did It Again!

After a short detour with Gif-annotation, it is time to get back to seriously looking at my mistakes. I arranged a 90|30 game against a 2100-rated FIDE player. A good chance to learn! I got the KID Sämisch again. An opening I also had in the #TwitterChessTournament round 6, where I submitted the game for analysis to GM Jesse Kraai, who had the following comments.


Before this game I actually made it as a goal not to lose any tempi to my opponent, but I did it anyways!

Round 6 of the #TwitterChessTournament

I played another strong opponent in the sixth round of the #TwitterChessTournament. It was a game where I ended up battling with time-trouble once again! It seems like I think that 30+15 is plenty of time to think deep thoughts about the game, but in reality, it is a fast game where decisions are needed to be taken rather fast, especially in the opening.
Before we jump to the game, see if you can find a better move then me in the below position..

Say Chess vs laskar
#TwitterChessTournament III, 2020
Black has just played 40..Nb6. White to move

Learning about the Sämisch

I decided to try the 30+20 time control on Lichess. It’s very close to the 30+15 I’m used to in the #TwitterChessTournament, so I felt home with the time-control. A pretty interesting position game up in the middlegame. Try to find what I missed..

White to move

Now to the game..

It was a real challenge to play this game because the opening was very unfamiliar. But the most important was that it was fun! I posted my thoughts on switching away from the London after IM Kavutskiy posted a video on the pros and cons of the London.