Testing out chess.com

For a long while, lichess.org has been my home turf, but sometimes it is fun to go abroad. Maybe it is the confinement of the present day that has stimulated this in me? And it doesn’t hurt to see how chess.com is developing as a site.

First, a little easy tactic from my game (that I missed!)

First 15+10 game on chess.com

Second 15+10 game

Let me know in the comments what you think about the embedded diagrams of the games. I definitely think chess.com has made some improvements on their site in regards to analysis tools, since I last checked!

A Lesson in the Four Knights Sicilian

Yesterday I played a 30+15 game in the #TwitterChessTournament. It was an important game since I needed a win if I wanted to keep my hopes up for entering the playoffs. The game did, however, not go the way I wanted, and I received an important lesson about why you shouldn’t just take pawns in the opening without thinking it through.

Caught a cheater, learned about the Alapin, and a cool Kramnik game!

I played two games yesterday. The first one was against a cheater that seemed to play his games by only turning the engine on when he ended up in problems. It actually got me steaming a bit. Normally I don’t get bothered by cheaters, but since I invested about 45 minutes on the game it got to me.
However, there are still some lessons to learn from the game, and I missed a great tactical shot. In regards to opening theory I discovered what the Alapin is.


My reaction after the game. My opponent is now banned by Lichess
I was Black and missed a good chance here..

Game against cheater

In my second game I played black again, this time against a honest opponent who was eager to get a draw!

I played on..

Matthew Sadler vs Vladimir Kramnik (model game)

Playing the Sicilian Gone Wrong

Besides learning to play d4-c4 probably I will also try to play the Sicilian. I have picked up the Sort&Sweet Four Knight Sicilian on Chessable since it is a bit relatable to the French with e6. However, in this game I completely messed up the move order. Good thing was that I managed to save it!

It did not go as planned. More practice is needed!