Caught a cheater, learned about the Alapin, and a cool Kramnik game!

I played two games yesterday. The first one was against a cheater that seemed to play his games by only turning the engine on when he ended up in problems. It actually got me steaming a bit. Normally I don’t get bothered by cheaters, but since I invested about 45 minutes on the game it got to me.
However, there are still some lessons to learn from the game, and I missed a great tactical shot. In regards to opening theory I discovered what the Alapin is.

My reaction after the game. My opponent is now banned by Lichess
I was Black and missed a good chance here..

Game against cheater

In my second game I played black again, this time against a honest opponent who was eager to get a draw!

I played on..

Matthew Sadler vs Vladimir Kramnik (model game)

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