#ChessTacticsTracking Week 2

Time flies and we are now 2 weeks into the tracking experiment. My own effort is nothing impressive. As you can see below I only have one good day within the last 4 days. I mainly contribute to be testing out new openings and practicing them in Blitz.

My stats from chess.com
Overview of the last 14 days of training. 408 minutes of tactics ~ 30 minutes a day.

Top 10 lists of week 2

There were others who really went all in. 854 puzzles completed by ChessinBlackandWhite, closely followed by Bluelagoon52 who also increased his rating på 209 points this week! David Hobstetter also did an impressive effort averaging about 50 puzzles a day.

@berlin_Endgame aka The abysmal depths of chess had another accurate week failing only to solve 5 puzzles! Also, shout out to Maxply and BackRankCrawler!
Bluelagoon52 had an amazing week! Hicenunc and sam27 also had 3 digit gains, congrats!
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