Getting Familiar Structures

I played two 15+15 games last night. The first one went very well, the second I relaxed too early and got from winning to losing before drawing. But let’s start with the first game. The Benoni I know from the London, but it looks a little different with the Bishop on f4.

Here is a position from game one followed by the game with annotations.

What would you have done?

In game two I also had White, but it was a diffrent kind of game..

When you get a winning endgame but relax before it is over

The opening was a Slav which I haven’t practiced yet with Chessable, so was soon on my own. However, I soon had a structure I know from the London after Qxb3 axb3.

A key lesson from this game is that you still need to win a won position! Never relax to soon!

“Winning a won game is one of the hardest things in chess.”

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