How to Train Blindfold Chess

In this post, I will take a closer look at training blindfold chess and the resources and methods I have discovered in my efforts to improve my visualization of the chessboard.

You might have seen Magnus Carlsen play multiple opponents and winning while playing blindfolded. The old Masters like Philidor, Morphy, Pillsbury was famous for doing this in the past to the outsides amazement. In 2016 2016, Timur Gareyev played 48 opponents blindfold chess and winning 35 of them (7 draws, and 6 losses). If you want to play chess blindfolded and improve your visualization skills, you will need to practice. Here is some ways. —>

Learn how to see the chessboard blindfolded

If you are a blindfold beginner you might want to strengthen your vision of the board by familiarizing yourself with the squares. You can use the vision trainer for this! has a useful tool for practicing the coordinates of the chess board

Another useful software for learning and practicing blindfold chess is Here you can practice the coordinates, color of the square, sister square, same colors, and much more.

There are many useful excercises on the site to tryout

If you want to play a game against others, but where you play blindfolded, a way to do it is on Create an account for playing blindfold > go to preferences

You can now go down to the bottom of the game display settings and pick invisible pieces. I would recommend setting up a separate account for this since your rating will be lower unless you are a reincarnation of Morphy.

Your display will now look like this. It is not completely blindfold chess since you still will be able to see the board, select pieces, and see the scoresheet.

Blindfold game against the AI on

Useful Blindfold videos on Youtube

In my own search for material I have alsoe skimmed YouTube for videos. Here are some of the most useful videos on Blindfold chess improvement I could find.

How to Improve your Chess Visualization? Chess Vision and Calculation Training | Alex Astaneh
IM Daniel Rensch talks about why you should work on visualization and how to use the tools on
How to develop blindfold chess skill

Finally, I would like to show you one video where Super GM Wesley So solves 3 studies blindfolded. It is clear that So has practiced his visualization skills a lot and even though the studies are quite difficult he manages to solve them rather quickly.

If Wesley’s performance has impressed you and you want to try to solve some positions yourself (maybe some that are a little less difficult), you might like my Blindfold puzzle book.

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