Minimalism and Chess

“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”


Minimalism is to me the intentional choice to focus and enjoy the things you value most and to discard the distractions. Personally I have used this philosophy to decluttering my home, throwing or giving away countless things that I did not use anymore.
It has given me more clarity in the process. By reading many books and articles about the minimalist-movement I have found that some aspects also translate to chess. In essence, the biggest problem an adult chess player has is finding the time to play and study chess. Therefore it makes sense to try to cut into the bone and focus on what you value the most.

I have tried to write down some guidelines I will try to adhere to in the future

  • No online blitz
  • Only study one book at the time
  • Keep posting on this blog
  • Analyze my games in depth

Blitz is probably the biggest time robber. One game often leads to many more before two hours have passed. I often think too much about my blitz-rating and see it as an indicator of my improvement in chess.

To help make these changes I rediscovered an old account on Lichess, SayChessClassical. My idea was to create an account with no logged bullet and blitz games, and so far no such games have been logged. By not having a blitz-rating I hope it will be easier not to waste time on playing blitz.

Now I no longer have the SayCh3ss-account but decided it was time to finally support Lichess.

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