New (simple) Training Plan

I need to get back on track.

After my summer vacation, I haven’t really had a plan or a purposeful way of practicing. Before my vacation, I did the #Puzzlerush-experiment and solved several thousand puzzles, but it was impossible to do while on vacation so it did terminate my participation in it and also left me without a training plan.

This Tweet by JB got me thinking and motivated to get back on track. I’m also inspired by Neal Bruce, who is going over master’s games ATM.

I will make these simple training rules:

  1. Play one 15+15 training game (or longer)
  2. Annotate it
  3. Go over 5 Masters games in the same opening as my own training game to learn new ideas
  4. Repeat


Hit 2200 in Classical on Lichess

First game to be annotated — a win against a 2200+

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Carlton Bradbury
Carlton Bradbury
1 year ago

Youve given me some much needed structure.
Thank you. I begin tomorrow.