Review of the Chessable App (iOS)

Chessable has arrived in the app-store (IOS)

Since 2016 where I first created an account on Chessable I have been waiting for the app. I have mainly accumulated my 914,540 XP I now have on my phone using the browser to access Chessable, so it is was great excitement I downloaded the app on my iPhone. The app will also be available on Android later in 2021, but there is no official date yet.

So to all the Android-users here is a peak view from the IOS-app.

Quick view of the Chessable iOS-app

My first impression is that everything is very well designed and the overall looks are clean and neat. The navigation in the app is also smooth compared to using the browser.

After using the app I have noticed that I pay more attention to the text and annotations to the moves, which is a huge plus.

As you can see the app looks cleaner with fewer distractions. There is also a natural flow downwards from the diagram to the text and to the ‘Next-button. In the browser, the placement of the ‘Next-button’ could imply that there isn’t anything important to read below and you can just go ahead.

The downside of lowering the placement of the ‘Next-button’ is that your thumb might get uncomfortably numb after awhile of intensive study. Since the thumb has to move from the diagram and down to the right corner of the phone. This is however only an issue if you use your iPhone with one hand.

Another difference is the size of the text. More information is packed below the diagram in the app. I think this is a great improvement since you can get a better overview of the author’s annotations. It can however be a concern for people with a reduced vision, but it is possible to expand the text and make it slightly bigger.

Overall the app is a huge step in the right direction and will be a great foundation to build on for Chessable in the time to come.

Chessable App (iOS)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

4,5/5 stars

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8 months ago

Is there some sort of offline usage?