Status of 2020 – Goals for 2021!

My end of 2020 OTB Ratings. “Ny rating” ~ new rating and the first green number is Danish rating while the bottom is my FIDE rating
The end of 2019 results
2020 Status

The year is nearing its end. It seems like stating the obvious, but the year has been far from normal. I had high hopes for 2020 when I made this video:

From December 2019

I have failed on many of the goals I made in the above video. To name a few: reach 1900 FIDE (1819), reach 2150 on Lichess classical (2149), spend less time on my phone, play 25 games + 1-2 weekend tournaments (played under 10).

Even though I didn’t play as many OTB games as I wanted I still got closer to my goal of 2000 FIDE.

FIDE rating
December 2020: 1819 (+62)
December 2019: 1757

Danish rating
December 2020: 1842 (+186)
December 2019: 1656

Not bad results with a limited number of games. It should also be noted that some of the progress in the rating was from a lack of reporting due to postponed games and unfinished tournaments due to COVID, so some results were from 2019. I hope the COVID-19 situation and family logistics will allow me to play more in 2021.

One thing I managed to focus on during most of the year was to play less blitz, which I succeeded with. 356 rapid games and 61 classical games on Lichess! In 2021 I will aim to play more classical.

183 hours is a full week of chess just on Lichess!

Writing a chess book also took a good share of my time. The idea came during my own search for training materials that I couldn’t find. It has been a fun and challenging process to publish, and making something others enjoy has made it all worth it.

The same goes for the #TwitterChessTournament that in its third edition grew way too big and the tournament lasted many months before we reached the final, which was never was played. A bit of an anticlimax. Lessons were learned, so if another tournament is to be arranged fewer players should be invited, more information about the persons collected (a name as a start since many are anonymous on Twitter), and some kind of anti-cheating measurements put in place. The last part has made me doubt if another tournament will take place, sadly.

Goals for 2021

Before COVID I was very focused on getting good OTB results, while online chess was secondary. Now, I.. I’m not sure about anything anymore. So instead of trying to make more measurable goals besides my main goal and get disappointed, I will try to focus on building on my habits and play more and better longer games online. Also, I would like to post more analysis of my own games on the blog or on YouTube.

Besides this, I plan to go over ‘My Best Games of Chess 1908-1937’ by Alexander Alekhine. My idea is to do a live analysis of the games together with the viewers on my Twitch-channel. If I get the time to do it I would like to edit or make a shorter video for YouTube. It is my hope I will learn a lot about going over the games and get a better understanding of chess.

Looking forward to start on this book

If you are interested in following along with my training next year go follow me on Twitch and YouTube 🙂

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