Walking Into the Dark

I decided to jump ship and learn a new, more fundamental, opening with White. I bought The Principled Queen’s Gambit: Part 1 by FM Daniel Barrish on Chessable.

It looked like a good size with a focus on playing mainlines, which I would like to learn. I had arranged a practice game yesterday evening and decided to give it a go. I only very briefly looked at the lines of the Schara Gambit in the Tarrasch Defense. An unknown gambit to me until a few hours before the game. My opponents move 8.. Na6 is not covered in the repertoire even though it is the top engine move and two other moves are covered, maybe just a fluke?

Really an interesting game where I had to do a lot of defending after getting a pawn in the opening. I should have invested more time before playing Re4 since it gave away my advantage and could have lost me the game.

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